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WordPress website content management

Published: 11 April, 2018 | Category: FAQs & Tips

Below is an explanation of what WordPress website content management means (for instructions go to WordPress instructions). WordPress is both a blogging platform and a content management system (CMS), designed for easy editing by people who have no training in coding. About WordPress WordPress started life a blogging site for professional writers to promote themselves. Its popularity led to its…   Read More >

Websites and social media

Published: 11 April, 2018 | Category: FAQs & Tips

Social media are considered increasingly important in the strategy for driving traffic to websites. They come in a bewildering variety, so read on to find out more about websites and social media. What the social media platfoms have in common is the possibility of engaging with your target audience. They provide space for people to post comments and to share…   Read More >

Content: what to put in your website

Published: 5 April, 2018 | Category: FAQs & Tips

There are some simple rules for what to put in your website. Put simply, what is obvious to you may not be so to others. Think about the first things a newcomer to your business or organisation is likely to wish to know about it. Of course you should state plainly who you are and what you do, but what…   Read More >

Why use Applegreen, not cheap website software

Published: 5 April, 2018 | Category: FAQs & Tips

You will not be surprised to read that we do not recommend using cheap website software. Saving money at the start of your project can end up costing you more later. A frequently met scenario Plenty of Applegreen’s clients have had the following experience. A techie mate of theirs is prepared to throw up a quick website for them for…   Read More >