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Applegreen Extra Blocks

Applegreen Extra Blocks is a WordPress plugin created by us exclusively for our clients. If you have reached this page, you have probably clicked on a link on your Applegreen Extra Blocks plugin.

Applegreen Extra Blocks plugin – do not deactivate!

This plugin provides background code for extra functionality in your editor, in the form of blocks. WordPress’s Posts and Pages editor splits the content into individual blocks for each layout element: there are blocks for each paragraph, title, image, gallery, tables and more, provided by WordPress out of the box. We have written articles on some of the standard blocks and how to use them under our heading WordPress help.

But sometimes you need more than the standard WordPress offering. We at Applegreen design bespoke, so it made sense for us to create our own blocks for our special layouts. This allows you, the user, to add a special design element wherever you want on a Page or Post.

Examples of extra blocks created by Applegreen Websites

The details of your blocks will depend on what we have designed for you; please refer to your instructions to understand where to find your special blocks and how to use them. In the example below, we have created a bespoke gallery block which we called Applegreen Gallery, and another one called Blue Box which creates paragraphs inside a blue background:

Gutenberg blocks by Applegreen

And on the front end, here is an image gallery created with the Applegreen Gallery block:

Applegreen gallery block

And here are a couple of paragraphs on a blue background, created with the Blue Box block:

Applegreen blue box block

Last updated on February 5th, 2024

I did my first edits on the website - it is really easy. Thanks again for the work and the clear instructions.

Juliane Meyerhoff, Philharmonischer Verein Frankfurt