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What we do

What follows is a general summary; there is more detailed information on our Terms and Conditions page. If you’re after general advice, see our Handy Tips.

Applegreen handles websites from design stage to completion, working closely with clients to produce the best results for them.

We also take on and manage websites designed by other developers, either adapting the code or rebuilding it as necessary.

Applegreen encourages the integration of other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blogs into websites. These are effective ways of attracting attention and driving traffic to your website. If the prospect of keeping up a regular blog daunts you, let Applegreen take the strain and help turn your ideas into clear blog posts with searchable titles.

Applegreen can create WordPress websites that are updated by you, the client. The whole website can be hosted in WordPress, or we can integrate a WordPress blog with a handcoded design. We design to your requirements, guide you through the process of learning WordPress, hand you the keys and off you go.


Ecommerce integration allows business owners to sell through their website, turning the website into a webshop. We can integrate bookings and availability systems for hospitality industries (hotels and B&B) directly into our website.

WordPress websites need constant monitoring to ensure the updating of the system and forward compatibility of plugins. This is normally the responsibility of website owners, but if you would like us to take it on we can offer it as a service. See our costs page for more about this service.

We offer basic search engine optimisation, agreeing keywords with the client and placing them in high-traffic locations on the website.

Applegreen can build simple databases to capture visitor contact information, for example, for future mailouts.

Ask Applegreen about designing for mobile devices: fluid layout options for small screens can be incorporated at the design stage.

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to your website, read more on our SEO page.

What we don’t do

Applegreen Websites services do not include complex databases, but we can recommend other developers who do. Get in touch if you have a buggy database-driven website.

Some websites built by other developers using out-of-date technologies cannot be taken over and updated as they are. Applegreen may need to rebuild from scratch, respecting the original size and look, and we can assure you that the result will be even better. Please trust us if we say we can’t use the existing code.

We do not promise you first position with Google. Anyone who does is either lying, deluding themselves or cheating the system — which works against them in the end. Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex and evolving field in which expert advice does not come cheap. Some commentators say you should consult a SEO specialist before you approach the web designer. Applegreen says if you go down this road, decide in advance how much you want to spend.

Have a look at our SEO explainer page if you want to know more.

Last updated on August 29th, 2023

We had our committee meeting this morning and there was much praise for your and all you've done for the website. Zikomo kwambili!

Clare Lawrance of Friends of Malawi Association