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Cost of Websites with Applegreen

Our costs are outlined below.

Cost of Website design and build

All of Applegreen’s websites are invidually designed for the client and built using hand-written, browser-ready code. Because of this, the final cost of a website can vary according to a number of factors:

  • the number of pages;
  • the number, quality and provenance of images (they can be be bought from licence-free suppliers, ask Applegreen);
  • the use of paid fonts;
  • the use of paid templates or plugins, when using WordPress;
  • whether you prefer to have complete control over the design or simply leave it to Applegreen;
  • whether other platforms are to be integrated, such as a blog, Facebook, Paypal, Linked-In etc;
  • how much thought you have already put into the structure, navigation and content of pages.

A basic five-page site can cost around £750. To that, you need to add the purchase of a domain name and the cost of hosting — Applegreen can help with this as well.

For not-for-profit organisations, we do a special price which can be paid in instalments, please contact us for details.

The addition of a WordPress blog or news page to a hand-coded website (see WordPress CMS) adds another £50 because of the extra work involved.

Clients are urged to give some thought to the design of their prospective website if they have strong views about design. There’s plenty of advice on our design tips page and you may find our portfolio helpful. When a quote is given, Applegreen cannot keep choppping and changing the design and will begin to charge an hourly rate on top of the quote if this happens.

Applegreen does not normally charge for meetings with the client, only for actual website work carried out. However we reserve the right to charge if the project does not advance in a reasonable timeframe.

Website maintenance

Updating your website is crucial to maintaining its relevance. Avoiding the pitfalls of out-of-date information is one of the advantages of the web over print: you can change your address if you move, you can allow the cost of your products to go up. Visitors expect website owners to take full advantage of this, and will quicly navigate away if their information is clearly wrong.

When planning your website, think carefully about how it can be updated, and who will do this.

Applegreen currently charges £35/hour (no VAT) for maintenance.

WordPress update

WordPress’s core system and plugins need regular updating to provide bug fixes, security patches and general improvements. Plugins also update to ensure compatibility as the core system updates. The Dashboard will indicate when updates are necessary, see more information in our August 2019 Newsletter on backing up your website prior to updating.

We normally regard this as the responsibility of the website owner. However, if you do not feel confidence doing this, we offer a subscription service to back up, update and check your WordPress website once a month. The cost of this is £30/month.

See also our Terms and Conditions page for more details on how we work together.

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024

I am absolutely delighted with my website. Thank you so much for taking such trouble.

Christopher Neve